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Tank Semi Trailers

Since 1991 LAKO has been building Stainless Steel-tank semi trailers. In this particular field, LAKO has built a new name for itself as a supplier of good, high-quality tank semi trailers for the transport of organic manure materials and silt, also known as manure tank semi trailers. From 2005 LAKO has also manufactured a Stainless Steel-tank semi-trailer for milk collection, in accordance with a similar concept.

The power steered control system is applied in both types of semi trailers, stating: A 3-axle widespread tandem, whereby, the front and back axles are forcibly transmitted. The LAKO system has, apart from the turntables, at least 4 turning points and is completely maintained and repaired. Tyre performances of just above 300,000 km are no exception.

The maintenance of the semi trailers is minimalised by using central grease paste. You can choose from aluminium rims in connection with weight reduction. The semi trailers have been designed so that partial over loading can’t lead directly to technical problems. 

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