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“Standard” Trailer Carriages

LAKO, over a number of years, has built the most diverse sort of semi trailers and trailers. The power of LAKO lies in the piece-by-piece production and small series through which LAKO can offer their customers a product high in quality. Many of the established semi trailers have been equipped by one or more power steered axles so that the turning space can stay as contained as possible. This is especially important on building sites and in city areas..

Over the years, experts have been able to produce a modern quality product with many options through LAKO: drum brakes or disk brakes, ABS or EBS (eventually in combination with roll stability support), power steered axles, one or more liftable axles.

The semi trailers and trailers can be equipped with mobile floor parts (liftable under use) or ramps in several different specifications: for example, a double hinge (for restricted turning space) adjustable drive-on ramp.

Almost all semi trailers and trailer carriages, from the highest loading capability to the lowest weight capability will be made of reinforced steel, ultimately with aluminium air containers and wheels. LAKO makes no concessions in strength of the vehicle and prides itself with a high quality, approved product.


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