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Bodywork & Vehicle Adaptations

Apart from the LAKO semi-trailers and trailer carriages, LAKO also oversees bodywork and vehicle adaptations of various kinds. This bodywork involves mainly loading platforms in various forms.

You will frequently find at the back of the car loading cranes a loading platform delivered through LAKO. With these loading platforms the crane sub-frame is generally incorporated. Possibly this vehicle is a very low structure but nevertheless a stable and firm vehicle to use. LAKO ensures these vehicles are stripped and reinforced when they are required to be used with reinforced cranes.

The open loading platforms can, if one so wishes, be provided with twistlocks endorsing the ISO-containers and, for example, a crane spreader beam. Another possibility could be the towing resources put in and this is not limited to the standard fixing-points. More often than not, these vehicles are equipped with stainless steel boxes that are made to measure so that maximum space is guaranteed. These boxes can be carried out with a sliding mechanism or extra planks.

Forage loading platforms are another speciality from LAKO. These loading platforms are also built very low, so that when, extended to the full height, the total loading height remains obtainable. The loading platforms are supplied with an extendable table or adjusting angles for the back to accommodate loading lengths of the maximum requirements. LAKO provides a fitted “Low-Deck” forage-trailer so that you have the complete combination required for whichever destination.

LAKO provides a wide variety of transport solutions for the built up wooded area, specially designed machines can handle this type of area. The loading platforms for round timber are individualized by their capability for transporting different lengths of round timber.  You can choose from a flat loading platform provided with a timber pulley and a reliable headpiece, or for a lightweight “Swedish” timber wagon with an aluminium subframe and aluminium timber bunks. Like the Scandinavian manufacturers LAKO provides a good solid finish to these carriages and, of-course,  the appropriate Epsilon crane and in this instance the supply of the trailer refers to individual circumstances.

Apart from bodywork LAKO oversees numerous vehicle adaptations for instance, the shortening or lengthening (particularly of the footing) of a vehicle, the assembly of one fifth wheel or of several or one towing hitches. As a result the vehicle can be a truck and a tractor at the same time!

LAKO provides the assembling of removable fifth wheels so that you can also use a vehicle with an open loading platform also as tractor. LAKO has an approved push beam, in an assortment of applications: hinged push beam, pushable underride guard are all possibilities and can either be equipped with/without ventilation or hydraulics.

For semi-trailers and trailer LAKO can place or remove axles, through which we carry out the inspection of MOT (RDW/TUV), so you can use the appropriate vehicle problem free.


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