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Container System

HTS Hydraulic transport systems are a renowned supplier of container systems with more than 25 years experience. In the field of container sale systems they are an authority in most of the European countries; the supply programme exists from cable systems and link lift systems (also available from 5 to 50 tons.  They can also provide combined installations of cable system with a skip lift system.

Palffinger has skip and hooklifts available from 5 to 50 tons.

LAKO has built these systems for the last 20 years and during that time the necessary expertise has been developed. Both the backward tipper trucks as a 3-sided tipper truck system can be supplied and can be combined with Palfinger or other car loading cranes. LAKO looks after the whole process for you including toolboxes push beams and catch or dish links in several different applications.

All applied push beams have been approved by the RDW and these includes both fixed bump beams and rotating or folding applications, if required hydraulic or air servicing. Bump beams can also be assembled on other vehicles.

Another significant feature from LAKO products is the combination of a removable container system with a removable 2 " fifth wheel or 3.5" heavy transport fifth wheel as a result of which the vehicle has a multi-purpose usage. LAKO could, of course, build another type of container system geared towards specific requirements regarding your vehicle.


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