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Semi-trailers and Trailers

With years of experience in design and production of road transport services LAKO can be at your service with the right choice of transportation. From the beginning, LAKO has developed transportation solutions on demand.  Every transport problem will be seen as a challenge and solved by LAKO.

For the semi-trailers and trailer carriages LAKO applies exclusive components from renowned subcontractors with guaranteed uncomplicated productivity and the delivery of the parts is always guaranteed.

The front and back axle on a 3-row semi-trailer is mechanically power steered through the control panel, applied in 1993 by LAKO with great success. The LAKO version of this power steered system defines itself because, apart from the turntables, it has at least 4 turning points that are clearly defined meaning the system is low to maintain. This quality, in combination with the perfect control geometry, leads to tyre performances of over 300,000km. 

LAKO has also developed other power steered systems with great success. You have the choice from many mechanical and hydraulically approved systems, such as equipped with a remote control and/or automatic wheel alignment. 

Through the enthusiastic professionals from LAKO, therefore, there is no problem that can’t be solved. If there are no existing solutions for your transport problem then LAKO will develop one, using the most modern techniques. In the transport field LAKO is known as innovative.


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