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Low-Deck Trailer Carriages

Low Deck Trailer Carriages are used, for example, for the transportation of portable cabins, building chains, hay, straw and flax. LAKO Low-Deck build trailer carriages in 2, 3, 4 and 5 axle implementations. For a 3-axle implementation with a total weight of 28 tons the height of 85 cm is feasible. For 3-axle implementation with a total weight of 21 tons the actual height of 75 cm is feasible..

These vehicles can be built as an extendable trailer. They can also be provided with a mechanical or hydraulically served extension table.

Options are: diverse possibilities for fastening of the cargo and angled corners at the front of the vehicle. The arduous task of transporting these trailer carriages can be one of the strenuous transport chores possible. 

In accordance with your wishes, liftable axles are assembled and large stainless steel toolboxes. LAKO is also equipped to oversee the care of the coachworks for the truck.


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